Social Media Marketing And Management in Newnan Ga

The advent of the internet opened many marketing opportunities for small businesses… many of which are still not used today. Now, with the evolution of social media, we (business owners) have more and better opportunities to get more personal interaction with clients and potential customers. In this regard, business owners, whatever the size of the business, ought to make a committed and solid strategy on how to use social media to reach out to the clients.

A good plan of your social media is going to help you target the social media networks which will be compatible with your business. It will also help you identify the most effective ways of using the social media. For example, if you are dealing with high end products such as luxurious watches, you might need a mix of social media strategies depending on the target audience.


Notable Social Media Statistics


  • Slightly less than half of the global population has internet access. However, among those with internet access, 2/3 use them use the social media.
  • Facebook stands out among its peers in commanding a substantial following- according to the Pew Research Center, a whopping 79 % of Americans use Facebook.
  • The use of mobile devices is increasing in leaps and bounds every day. An increase in the spread of the mobile devices translates to an increase in the use of the internet, which in turn translates to the increased use of the social media.

However, when one studies about the frequency of the use of the social media, one should be careful to note that there are some users who are not active. Thus, business owners should only aim at the active users. At the same time, there are some social media users who open fake accounts. One should be careful not to measure their social media outcomes through unrealistic numbers and false presence.


Social Media Marketing and Small Businesses


Small businesses are characterized by limited resources- finances, skilled labor, and time. Again, social media marketing is perceived to be a preserve of big and established companies. Nothing can be further from the truth. Small businesses, too, have a lot to gain from a professional social media marketing.

In some cases, small businesses can still choose a social media management software. This plays a critical role in scheduling of posts and checking about the feeds.

The use of the social media in small businesses can be used to carry out sponsored messaging as well as targeted words. The use of traditional methods of advertising such as the bill boards is quite restrictive.


How to Have a Strong Social Media Following


  1. Have Personal Interactions

You should ensure that you have personal interactions with the audience daily. For example, having auto-generated, off topic content on your social media platform is harmful to your audience and they will not like it. Scheduling highly targeted and informational content is fine as long as you interact with followers. Most importantly, you should write content, or have it written, and consequently be active in online conversations. For example, if a client asks a question, make sure you do the following:

  • Do not fail to reply
  • Reply on time
  • Do not exaggerate your skills, competencies or the value of your products and services
  • Make sure you answer the question asked, and not creating your own question
  • Take criticism positively


2. Valuable Content

As the saying goes, content is king. Be sure to produce content that is going to add value to the reader. You can do this by taking your time, developing a niche, and doing well researched posts in the social media.

In connection to this, it is worth avoiding hard-selling. Always try to show the clients that your relationship with them can go beyond selling. If you are a dentist for instance, you can do posts that inform the clients about proper maintenance of the teeth in order to promote healthy teeth and avoid teeth problems. This is going to create a good relationship with the clients, and anytime they will need a dentist, they will find you trustworthy.


3. Post Regularly and Encourage Sharing

The more you post, the higher the probability of a stronger social presence. If you study the social media carefully, you are going to know when the best time to post is and when one should avoid posting.

You need to encourage your clients to do positive referrals for you. In the social media world, this is done through sharing yyour content. This plays an important role in sharing your brand with others and therefore increasing the probability of conversion.


4. What Sets You Apart

We are a unique social media marketing agency that is going to help you plan for your social media marketing. Such a plan requires the input of experts who are going to give the best advice on the best way forward.

In some cases, businesses have given up in their social media strategies. This is more so if the strategy did not carry a high return on investment. In such cases, a professional agency can still help revive such strategies.

Working with us is going to help you see the need of investing again in social media marketing despite past failures.

By working with us, you will be able to concentrate with other business activities. You will save time, and labor. Please note that we do not make the social media choices for you. We collect information from you but use such information to help you make the best choices.

In addition to that, we do not ignore the importance of the local clients. The assumption that people make is that internet marketing is targeted for the national and global markets. The fact is that the local market is important too. For example, if one loses the house key, he or she

We can also help you in other issues concerning other touching issues on the social media. These include the following:

  • Creation of Social Profiles
  • When to withdraw a post
  • -When to Apologize
  • When to Add Another Social Media Platform




The social media marketing strategy starts yielding results after the business starts commanding a large following. It requires resources, time, skills, and patience. If you choose the right company, you are going to realize your objectives, at a cost-efficient price, and in a sustainable way.

We are going to help you in every step of the way as far as the social media marketing is concerned. Contact us today for an excellent social media service.